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Breast Augmentation San Antonio Texas

There are various reasons why women consider breast augmentation. San Antonio, Texas leading plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Schaner and the staff at Schaner Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center will advise you if you’re a good candidate for the procedure and help you manage your expectations. When it comes to breast augmentation, San Antonio women have long relied on Schaner Cosmetic Surgery to provide straightforward answers as well as the very best care.

Breast augmentation surgery or augmentation mammaplasty is typically opted for by those who want to make their breasts more symmetrical, restore volume lost because of weight loss or pregnancy, or who just want to improve their appearance by going up a cup size or two. The procedure involves the insertion of an implant behind each breast and the size, shape and type of implant used will vary from person to person.

San Antonio, Texas Breast Augmentation

If you’re deciding whether or not to have the procedure done, it’s best to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. Having long specialized in various plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, San Antonio, Texas’ Dr. Patrick Schaner will advise you as to the results you can expect, the surgery process itself as well as the recovery period, and other factors such as potential complications.

Take a look at the Before & After Gallery to see what typical breast augmentation results look like and explore the site for more information on other procedures and treatments, including breast reconstruction, bariatric body contouring, and Botox® in San Antonio.

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