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Breast Implants San Antonio

If you’re considering getting breast implants, San Antonio’s Dr. Patrick Schaner and the rest of the staff at the Schaner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center have created this brief guide for you. Take note that this is just an overview on the topic and you should always consult with Dr. Schaner if you have questions.

The technology and materials used in the creation of implants has come a long way in the past decades, which is good news for those who are seriously thinking about getting breast implants in San Antonio. Today’s implants are stronger, last longer, and have a more natural weight and feel. There are two main types – saline-filled and silicone gel-filled – and these come in different sizes, textures, shell thickness, and shapes.

San Antonio Breast Implants

Whether you’re considering saline or silicone breast implants, San Antonio’s leading plastic surgeon Dr. Schaner will advise you on the pros and cons of each as well as the possible complications that can ensue. Below you will find brief descriptions of the implant types currently available:

Saline – As its name implies, this kind of implant is a silicone elastomer shell that’s filled with a sterile salt water solution. Some of these come prefilled while others are filled only during the operation itself, which allows for smaller incisions. This implant type is FDA-approved for breast augmentation procedures in women age 18 or older.

Silicone – This kind of implant consists of silicone gel in a silicone shell and it is FDA-approved for breast augmentation procedures in women age 22 or older. MRI screening is recommended three years after the surgery and every 2 years after the first screening.

Please take a look at the cosmetic surgery section for more information on breast implants. Interested in other procedures? When it comes to plastic surgery, San Antonio trusts the Schaner Cosmetic Surgery Center – schedule a consultation today.

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