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Cosmetic Surgeon San Antonio

One of the most important things that anyone considering plastic surgery should do is to choose the right cosmetic surgeon. San Antonio-based Dr. Patrick Schaner advises those who are contemplating having a procedure done to make sure that their physician will have both the necessary qualifications as well as the experience.

“To begin with, choose one who has extensive experience in the particular procedure that you’re considering,” says Dr. Schaner, “whether it’s liposuction, an arm lift or cosmetic surgery. You’ll want your physician not only to have the training, but to also be familiar with the various techniques, and to have regularly performed the procedure. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – a good surgeon will want to provide you with all the answers you need.”

San Antonio Cosmetic Surgeon

If you’re looking for a cosmetic surgeon, San Antonio will have no shortage of qualified physicians to choose from. While your budget will certainly be a factor, the main things you should base your decision on are the surgeon’s credentials, their experience in the specific procedure/s you’re interested in, and their policies. It’s best to prepare questions before you come to a consultation and to examine your reasons for wanting the procedure done. Remember, it’s your body and you should be doing it for you.

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