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Lipo San Antonio

Liposuction® popularly referred to as lipo® remains one of the top procedures offered by countless cosmetic surgery centers and clinics all over the world. If you’re interested in lipo, San Antonio’s Schaner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center is here to tell you more about the procedure and what you can expect.

For those considering getting a lipo procedure done in San Antonio, the Schaner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center stands out as being the best center of its class in the region. Founded by Dr. Patrick Schaner, it has made a name for itself as the cosmetic surgery San Antonio Texas hub that strives to provide invaluable service and the best possible results.

San Antonio Lipo

As a procedure, liposuction is notably popular, primarily because it is the best way to remove excess fat from the body, particularly stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Lipo results in leaner thighs, thinner arms, trimmer and tighter tummies, and so on. But as simple as the procedural scope of liposuction may be, especially compared to other types of cosmetic surgery, getting the best results hinges on how skilled one’s surgeon is. This is something that the Schaner Plasic Surgery and Laser Center is not in short supply of.

Located in 18707 Hardy Oak Boulevard, Suite 445 in San Antonio, Texas, the center has become a local landmark and is well-known for its highly regarded team of experts and staff. Offering a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, including body contouring in San Antonio, it is the best choice for those on the lookout for the best cosmetic and plastic surgery service providers. Whether you need to consult about hand surgery or lipo, San Antonio’s Schaner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center looks forward to providing you with the highest level of care.

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