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Facelift San Antonio

Aging is inevitable, but that certainly doesnít mean that you canít slow it down or give the appearance of reversing it. Facelift surgery is one of the most effective ways to achieve this and if youíre considering a facelift, San Antonioís Dr. Patrick Schaner looks forward to helping you learn more about the procedure and will be more than happy to evaluate what you need upon your consultation.

The continuing popularity of this particular cosmetic surgery procedure is due to the fact that aging typically begins showing its first signs on the face. Many individuals also often feel that they look older than they should be. If you want to refresh your appearance and present a more youthful face to the world, then you should definitely look into facelifts as well as other rejuvenating procedures such as eyelid surgery in San Antonio.

San Antonio Facelift

Those whose skin has still retained some of its elasticity are generally the best candidates for a facelift. If you have a strong bone structure, then thatís a plus as well. In general, when it comes to plastic surgery, San Antonioís Dr. Schaner recommends procedures to candidates who are in good physical health, are non-smokers, and who have clear and realistic expectations about what a particular procedure can accomplish.

Whether youíre considering facial implants, a minimally invasive procedure such as Botox, or a facelift, San Antonioís Dr. Schaner and the staff at Schaner Plastic Surgery & Laser Center are here for you.

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