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Tired of dealing with thinning hair, bald spots or a receding hairline? You’re not alone. Around 40 percent of American men and 25 percent of American women are currently affected by hair loss and for decades the only long-term solution has been hair transplantation. However, if you’ve been avoiding this option because the thought of having a strip of your scalp removed is simply too unnerving or because the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method is too expensive, don’t despair. Hair transplantation technology has evolved and you can now opt for the new NeoGraft hair transplant system, which is minimally invasive, has an exceptionally fast recovery time, and won’t leave a linear scar.

San Antonio NeoGraft Hair Transplant

“As one of the leading San Antonio cosmetic surgery centers, we always aim to keep up-to-date on the latest developments,” says Dr. Patrick Schaner, who heads the Schaner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. “The NeoGraft hair transplant system is one of these and we are pleased to offer this option to our patients.”

The NeoGraft Automated FUE Hair Transplant System is designed to make the FUE method faster and easier to perform as well as more effective. With the use of NeoGraft, surgeons can perform an FUE procedure in roughly the same amount of time as the more conventional “strip” procedure. Check out the NeoGraft Hair Transplant page for more information on this new technology and to find out what other patients have to say about it. You don’t have to struggle with hair loss any longer.

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