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Reconstructive Ear Surgery

Reconstructive ear surgery, also known as reconstructive otoplasty, addresses issues concerning the size, position or shape of the ears. Whether itís a congenital or developmental deformity that is, something thatís been present since birth or is the result of trauma, injury or disease the goal of the procedure is to approximate a normal appearance and/or to provide a more balanced and proportional one.

This is one of the procedures that Dr. Patrick Schaner excels in as one of the foremost plastic surgeons San Antonio currently has practicing. Dr. Schaner has performed this procedure on children as well as teenagers and adults. Good candidates are children whose ears have already reached their full size, which usually occurs at or after 5 years of age, and healthy adults of any age.

Ear Surgery Reconstruction

When it comes to reconstructive plastic surgery, San Antonio puts its trust in Dr. Scahner and his staff. Dr. Schaner has extensive experience in everything from reconstructive ear surgery and tissue expansion to flap surgery and hand surgery. Ear reconstruction requires a surgeon who has a comprehensive knowledge of the appearance and function of the ear as well as the treatment options and the latest technologies and techniques.

For more information on Dr. Schanerís reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures, please browse the site and get in touch with the staff at the Schaner Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center anytime. They look forward to helping you learn more about your best options.

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